Zoe Sands is a highly accomplished digital consultant with over 12 years online experience. She is passionate about optimising web-driven revenue and brand value for organisations from SMEs through to large enterprises. She currently consults for Cisco on its web marketing innovations and social media strategy. Since joining Cisco in September 2007 she has successfully led many new online initiatives including the introduction of Click to Chat (online chat) across Europe, Social Media Strategy and Training programme and 15 Cisco local Country Mobile websites.

She is a leading digital evangelist that helps bring the benefits of the Internet to organisations she advises.

Zoe has held management roles at other leading organisations including The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and Dialogic, where she led online marketing strategy and planning.

She is frequently called on to deliver internal speaking and training sessions to educate others on the opportunities available through internet marketing and social media, and enjoys spreading the word of digital innovation.

In April 2009 she was appointed to the Worldwide Twitter Taskforce that aims to strengthen Cisco’s position within the microblogging community.

And In May 2009 she launched the first Feedburner Twitter Ad unit in Europe in association with Google - a first for Cisco globally.

She has recently been nominated for a Vibrant Award (2009) and Judged the 2009 B2B Marketing Awards during July 2009. Also, she is finalist for two B2B Marketing Awards, winners to be announced in November 2009.

Zoe lives in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK and her interests include travelling, watersports, yoga, running, dance and photography. As an amateur photographer she loves taking pictures of children, women, pets and wildlife. She is looking forward to the challenge of representing Buckinghamshire in the "What is England?" project.


"I first came to Buckinghamshire in 1994, when I did my internship at Xerox in Marlow. Once I graduated from University at Manchester, I came back to live in Marlow and started my digital marketing career. My first couple of jobs were based in Marlow and then High Wycombe, as my career started to take off I soon left working in Buckinghamshire. However, I have remained living in the county due to the excellent transport links with easy access to M40 and M25, and the good rail connections into London and Birmingham. Having lived in a few places around the county I am now settled in High Wycombe, where I've been living for the past 7 years. I live here because I love the urban and rural feel to the county."