Vicky Slater resides in Salisbury, Wiltshire with her husband and three children.

She is passionate about photography, using mainly vintage film cameras and natural light.

Whilst she loves all methods from pinholes to polaroids and digital to the darkroom, she always finds herself returning to colour film and a medium format camera.

Vicky is interested in the passing of time, memory, simple beauty and honesty and has a headful of projects that she wishes to pursue given the opportunity.

She has had one solo portrait exhibition and contributed to many others.

Her work has been published in various books and magazines, is part of many private collections and has been merited with fujifilm distinctions awards.


"We moved to Wiltshire in 1996 from a one bedroomed flat in West Sussex with two small children and another one on the way.

I pictured growing vegetables in the garden with a view of Salisbury spire in the distance and that's just how it was.

Thirteen years later and both the garden and me are now hopelessly overgrown and the youngest is nearly a teenager but Salisbury has stayed the same.

I know it as a bustling medievel market town surrounded by beautiful countryside, close to Stonehenge, and criss-crossed with rivers, but much of the rest of Wiltshire has managed to escape me and I'm really looking forward to venturing out and exploring more of the county for this project."