Tracey Fahy is a fine art and reportage photographer/photographic facilitator based in London. She has an extensive list of clients ranging from; art galleries, magazines & book publishers, charities, TV production companies, PR and corporate firms.

Her reportage work involves photographing various marginalised groups including refugees, individuals with special needs, children and young adults with learning and behavioural difficulties, disaffected youth, young teenage parents and the elderly.

Tracey's fine-art practice allows her to produce images with various pinhole, low-tech and toy cameras. "I enjoy shooting subjects that convey simplicity and serenity and these cameras are perfect for capturing this. They allow me to record the most mundane, everyday subjects in a way that stirs emotion and induces a hazy sense of memory. I explore the issues around memory as opposed to making a precise rendering of a scene or moment to produce intriguing images that are sometimes tranquil, sometimes haunting".


"Although I was born, and still live, in London I spent my formative years in Bedfordshire. This is where I went to school and art college until moving away to go to university when I was seventeen. My family still live in Bedfordshire so I do visit this part of the country from time to time (although not as often as I should). This project will provide an opportunity for me to reconnect with the area and revisit my youth!"