Stuart Rayner was born in Liverpool in 1969. Fourteen years later he become the recipient of his father's failed hobby. Eight years later he accidentally became a photographer when his project photographing the making of Antony Gormley's Field for the British Isle was bought by Tate Liverpool, Granada TV, Channel 4, and the Arts Council.

He has been privileged to enjoy the journey from then on with the passion and enthusiasm which creative work demands.

Now with a list of clients from charities to corporations that sees him working both nationally and locally, he enjoys juggling the personal work, the paying work, and a wife and three daughters. In his spare time he enjoys sleeping.


"Merseyside is dominated by it's only city and my birthplace Liverpool . However, I was raised for the majority of my life in the traditionally anti-liverpool merseyside town of st Helens by liverpudlian parents. Growing up I was always not scouse enough for Liverpool and too scouse for St Helens , and in that sense have been on the periphery but with age I've grown to enjoy the objectivity that that brings."