Stephanie Rushton studied photography at Blackpool College, graduating in 1985, then spent 5 years working with David Bailey. Her strong fashion work gained her acclaim and kept her busy shooting advertising work for a range of big name clients. Stephanie's work began to move away from fashion and towards portraiture and since then she has worked for both editorial and advertising clients, shooting portraits. Confident in studio or location, her most recent work focuses on creating vivid pictures of people in their own environment and capturing their eccentricities.

Apart from her commissioned work Stephanie is also working on two personal projects. The first with contemporary artists, who are photographed in their studio or with their work. The other project draws on Stephanie's innate interest in quirky people and their environment and is entitled English Eccentrics, she hopes one day it will become a book.

Stephanie now teaches photography at Derby University.


"I was born in Stoke in 1964 my family live there spread out all over Staffordshire and I have many friends there still. It's a place I left more than 25 years ago but my roots are there and I'm concerned with one in five unemployed at the moment it is in need of massive regeneration. The area was suffering before the recession with only a few potbanks still in operation and now its on its knees."