Sadie Alty is a Photographer currently based in Totnes, Devon where she was born and raised. She has returned recently after completing her degree in Documentary Photography at the University of Wales, Newport.

During her time away she has developed her own style in which she photographs images that are important to her and which reflect on current issues, and her own English heritage.

Sadie has worked on commission for London based media groups such as John Brown and has also worked on private commissions for local people and businesses. She also has a keen interest in the way that arts and media can influence children and has also worked on inspirational workshops with young people and the medium of photography such as the 'Open Eye Project' with photographer Kate Mount.

In 2008 Sadie won 'Adult Landscape Photographer' in the competition 'Focus on Nature'. In 2009 she exhibited her work at Candid Arts Gallery in London in a group exhibition 'Wake' in which she took a major part in the organisation of the exhibition. Currently she is working on new projects in which she hopes will strengthen her portfolio further and attract a wider cliental.


"'What is England'? To me England is a country of culture and in many ways of acceptance. Many outsiders see England as the land of promise. It is a country of democracy and fairness and sometimes, more so than not, it is a place in which people forget the good and focus on the bad. What ever you see England as? It is shaped by the places and people whom create it.

With all honesty I can say that my view of England has been strongly shaped by the town I grew up in Totnes and the areas that surround it. I now we all have some kind of nostalgia towards the place we live however I am being perfectly truthful when I say that where I am from it is beautiful, unique, alternative, historic, contemporary and most important to me, individual.

I have lived in Totnes, Devon most of my life except for three years when I moved to South Wales, it was during this period I realised just how extraordinary and diverse Devon could be and how special it is. Totnes is an alternative, individual, transitional town. It is surrounded by some of England's most beautiful scenic landscape and is a place in which I am glad and honoured to call my home.

I feel that it is Devon and my upbringing here that has shaped my views and has been one of my inspirations as a photographer. My other biggest inspiration as a photographer has always been determined by what I believe is important to our future but also how it was shaped by our past. My work has always been about current issues and my views of them and I think it is important to question what we hear in every day life.

I hope that within my work for this project you will be able to see some of the things that we should be proud to say is what England is about."