Ryan Stamatiades

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Born and raised in Berkshire, until a recent move to Kent to undertake a BA in contemporary photographic practice at the University for the Creative Arts, Rochester. (Graduating 2010)

An aspiring young photographer stimulated by a variety of visual mediums. Influenced by practitioners such as William Eggleston, Stephen Shore, Alec Soth, Paul Graham, Larry Sultan, Philip Lorca DiCorcia, Gregory Crewdson and Glen Luchford to name a few.

Currently working on what may be considered his first major body of work after exploring photographic practices for around 4 years.

Working as an assistant to both Dan Holdsworth and Robi Rodriguez who have acted as mentors, inspirations, and friends.


"Like most people, they will consider the place they were born their home. However, many feel it essential to somewhat abandon the place they grew up in search for something new, something different. A self exploratory process.

Having recently moved away from Berkshire, upon returning I experience a feeling that i cannot place nor describe. A nostalgia of mixed emotions.

The 'What is England project' has encouraged me to return to my home town and explore these ambiguities through the people, and the places.

Thanks to Alex Kent, Jonathan Simms, Caroline Scott, Steffi Klenz, Dan Holdsworth and Robi Rodriguez for all of their advice and support throughout my professional practice."