Robin Mellor is a young vibrant photographer living and working in London. He produces dynamic and creative images, which range from serene to electric. He works in studio and on location, always incorporating the same loose, laid back style.

Robin is always looking to push the boundaries of how he produces his images. He often incorporates non-models in his staged work, creating spontaneous and genuine images. The result is an unaffected outcome from a contrived concept.

Robin is a versatile photographer, principally working in fashion, portraiture and photojournalism, predominantly in the fashion and music industries. His wide ranging influences come from his experience of growing up in a small Northern town, to travel, fashion and music. He is fascinated by people and their obsessions and eccentricities, always looking at the exceptionality of normality.


"I was born and raised in Cheshire, I lived there until the age of eighteen. The backdrop of my childhood was Cheshire in it's various guises, whether it was the rolling countryside or its industrial towns.

My family and some friends still live there today, which gives me the excuse to visit, although I definitely don't get to spend as much time there as I would like, and it now seems increasingly harder to leave once I manage to get there.

While growing up I wouldn't say that I didn't appreciate it, however when I now return, the beauty of the place really grabs me.

I think Cheshire will always be my home, even if I only spend a matter of weeks there each year. The people, the surroundings and the cheese… in this case it really is where the heart is."