Robert Jones became interested in photography whilst at school and even considered it as a full time profession but was parentally encouraged to get a Zoology degree instead.

Most of his working life was spent in advertising and marketing which allowed him to be involved with the many genres of visual imaging, but his passion has always been for landscape photography as it allowed him to spend as much time as possible in the wild outdoors, participating in his two favourite activities - walking and kayaking.

More recently, as a travel writer, he has visited many parts of the UK, Europe, Africa, the Far East, New Zealand and the USA; and has written articles for jourals both in the UK and the USA.

He also runs a successful greeting card publishing company, using his vast collection of images.


"For as long as I can remember, Herefordshire has been my forraging county. A place I have visited when I have crossed the border from my 'homeland' of Monmouthshire.

I was pleased to be asked to cover this county in this project as it has been a 'sister' county to Monmouthshire for so many years, especially when Monmouthshire was part of England.

I also exhibit my work in art galleries in this cultural county.

This 'fruitbowl' of England undoubtedly provides not only an interesting landscape but also some wonderful architecture and some great characters, especially in the small villages.

Although mainly rural, Herefordshire also has some very interesting and historical industrial areas so I look forward to showing how these various environments make up the overall 'soul' of this area of the south Midlands."