Paul Russell was born in London and studied biology at Nottingham University. After working in the production side of publishing, he now works as a freelance photographer, sub-editor and writer. He has had three invited solo exhibitions of his seaside photographs in the well known coastal towns of Slough, Bracknell and Antrim, Northern Ireland.


"I moved to Dorset around the turn of the century, having previously lived in several urban conurbations around England, including Brighton, Bath, Chester, Crawley, London, Nottingham and Oxford. As a largely rural county, Dorset was a real shock to the system, and took some getting used to...In the past few years I have tried to investigate the town-meets-country experience in a series of photos on country shows and fairs. I have also spent some time photographing Prince Charles' ever-expanding Poundbury village. For the 'What is England' project I intend to photograph in some parts of the county that are new to me - hopefully gaining some new perspectives on Dorset in the process."