Oli Kellett (b. 1983) is a photographer based in London and the Midlands. He graduated from Central St. Martins Graphic Design course in 2005 and spent the following few years working as an Art Director at a number of London's leading advertising agencies.

In 2008 he took the decision to concentrate solely on photographic projects and has since had work nominated in the National Portrait Gallery Portrait Prize 09 as well as the Host Gallery Summer Shows 08 and 09.

His work explores the everyday, the average and the overlooked.


"You'll find Northamptonshire on the way to somewhere else, somewhere more exciting. You'll usually pass through it if you're heading North or South on the M1, or West to East on the A14. Northamptonshire is right in the Centre of England, for all who ask if it's in the North.

I spent nearly everyday for eighteen years in Northamptonshire growing up. It is where all my family are from. In fact, if my family wasn't from there, I'm not sure I would know where it is either. This is because Northampton is not like other towns, like Bath or Bristol, where people are happy to travel to from other counties to spend a long weekend. Northamptonshire is understated and that's what I like about it."