Born and raised in Hampshire; Nicola Wilson recently graduated from Portsmouth University with first class honours in Photography. During this time Nicola has developed an individual style in which she prefers shooting in natural light and working with traditional film. Her work is based on an interest in Britishness and her own experiences.

In July 2009 she took part in the Free Range Photography Exhibition at the Truman Brewery in London.

She is currently developing new projects.


"Hampshire is a county on the south coast that has plenty to offer. I look on my childhood memories with a warm fondness that I believe I owe to Portsmouth. Examples of these include school trips to the dockyard to explore the historical ships, family days out with a picnic in the countryside and swimming all day in the sea down at Southsea beach. Living by the seaside and being involved in its delightful culture has made me realise how much I would miss it if I were to leave. These are just a few examples as to why my hometown will always have a certain hold over me."