Jonathan Cherry was born in Stourbridge, West Midlands, and received his BA (Hons) in photography from University College Falmouth. Over the past decade his camera has taken him to a selection of countries within mainland europe. Croatia is one country that Jonathan has worked in over the past four years. Jonathan seems to be drawn to slowing down the pace of photography by making images in response to an experience rather than purely documenting an event or particular moment. He does lean to exploring the dynamics of social and cultural environments. Jonathan has built up a selection of clients through working freelance which include: The Guardian, Action for Children, Climate Camp Cymru, Vyre and Details Magazine. Blue Watch, his first book, was published by Sir Books in 2009.


"In 1986 I was born into a family who resides in Stourbridge which can be found in the West Midlands. Since then I have spent the majority of my life experiencing Black Country life in a way that I have always been puzzled by. The West Midlands is a region full of dynamics, variety, honesty and a dullness that sometimes can take over. In my late teens and early twenties I spent a number of years away from the West Midlands but I would regularly come back to the family home. By spending time away and returning every now and then I found it a real eye opener into the natural beauty of the landscape. Drive for 30 minutes from Birmingham in any direction and you can be in the middle of the countryside. On the flip side, the West Midlands is a region that is heavily metropolitan and a creative hub with people responding to things around them in a positive and organic way."