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Jamie Standbridge is a young creative professional, graduating with a degree in photography and video at De Montfort University in Leicester, 2007. He has gone on to build a Photography and Video production company called Media Renegades.

With a passion for lens based images, from the age of 15 Jamie has worked with a wide range of formats, from black and white film and colour polaroid to modern digital imaging systems.

A lot of his current personal work is being carried out on inferior cameras as a personally enforced boundary. From constantly creating work with a 2 mega pixel camera on his mobile phone or working with a cheap polaroid camera, jamie is attempting to create work that is diverse.

With his business partner, Jamie has managed to build a successful business around their differing skill sets. From creating TV ads to working with youth groups, their company is a creative force to look out for in the Leicestershire area.

Aside from his work Jamie is a social creature that enjoys a wide range of leisure activities, from rock climbing to mountain biking, BMXing and even a spot of juggling.


"Moving to Leicester in 2004 I have been a Leicestershire resident for five years and counting. Becoming heavily involved in the creative community towards the end of his degree I felt that I had too many connections to loose if I left the Leicestershire area.

Working closely on a project centring around the music scene in Braunstonegate, I began to expand my network within the Leicestershire area. I created music videos and photographs for many of the local bands, specifically partnering up with "The Dirty Backbeats" and working closely with them over the last two years of their musical career.

Beyond my relationship with the music scene I have been working within a wide gaumit of the creative community in Leicester. I have collaborated closely with illustrators, graphic designers and other photographers and videographers as well as working within the community with youth groups and NGO's.

My work as an event photographer has helped to introduce me to many of the different cultures that surround Leicestershire. From the Caribbean Carnival to Diwali, Leicester truly is a cultural hub of the East Midlands."