Although it has taken some time Gavin has become a working photographer late in his career whilst in his mid 40's. However his arrival with a camera in his hands has been preceded by many years in both the photographic laboratory industry and also in marketing. With this background Gavin arrived as a working photographer in 2006 with a detailed knowledge of all aspects of how images are produced, and also as a client how they are used to greatest effect.

It has been a long route to get there, brought up in rural Nottinghamshire and identified as dyslexic Gavin was initially guided away from the photographic industry, despite having had a camera in his hands since his early teens. It was not until his early 20's that as a film processing technician developing E6 film a career in the photographic industry commenced; this was the start of grounding in the industry that has proved invaluable.

When the industry first showed signs of moving from film to digital in the late 80's and early 90's Gavin secured a degree in Business Studies that took him in to marketing. This was his transition from supplier to buyer and this brought with it knowledge of both sides of the industry.

Continuing in Marketing into his early 40's it was the sale of the company he was working for that brought the chance of redundancy. This was an opportunity that came with cash and along with other monies provided the resources for the tentative steps into a career as a photographer. Initially shooting black and white nudes that caught the attention of those around he took the decision to fulfil an ambition that was first born roughly 30 years prior.

Recent success has included setting up a photographic business geared towards girls, boys and garments in the commercial, editorial and fashion side of the industry. This is now under pinned by a Masters Degree in Fashion Photography from London College of Fashion awarded in 2009. Gavin continues to live in Nottinghamshire and work from a studio close to where he lives.


"My connection with Nottinghamshire has been lifelong, born in North Nottinghamshire I grew up in the rural village of Collingham. My initial schooling was in Newark and whist living in the village I looked forward to a rural future in agriculture, although in reality my agricultural career was short lived.

In the mid 70's whilst at Highfields School (in Newark) I was identified as dyslexic at a time when it was almost unheard of. Taking the best advice at the time and with an inability to draw I set out on my agricultural career. This was despite whilst being at School in Great Ayton producing colour images using a black and white enlarger and a process Heath-Robinson would have found curious.

Whilst working at Brackenhurst Agricultural College at a small site on the edge of the Nottingham I was fortunate to be offered a job and my entry into to the professional photographic industry at Colour Processing Laboratories (CPL) in the city centre.

My formal education continued at night school at 'Trent Polly' where I took a degree, by the time the course was completed it had become Nottingham Trent University. It was at Nottingham Trent University I also undertook a Masters Degree.

Through my childhood, much of my education and for most of my working life I've been here, I have and continue to have my feet on the ground here in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire - both city and county."