Emily Graham is a freelance image editor, photographer and curator.

After graduating from Editorial Photography (BA Hons) at University of Brighton in 2006, she relocated to London where she is now living and working.

Her work has been published in a variety of publications including The Guardian, Creative Review, The Big Issue, Plan B Magazine and The Stool Pigeon and has been exhibited in Host Gallery, Rothschilds Bank, Chatts Palace and Crane Kalman Gallery.

She is also a director of a photographic print sales website, Contact Editions (, and co-runs the Contact photography blog (


"I was born and raised in Warwickshire and although I have since moved out and on, I continue to return and have a close relationship with the Midlands.

My hometown, Rugby, is a passing place, the middle of the country; you'll have travelled through it on the train or perhaps when you've reached the end of the M1. From it's industrial remnants to sprawling fields and farms, it's small towns and quaint localities to the grey cities and wasteland, it keeps a balance of banality and beauty; the towns that I spent much of my much youth escaping from are now the towns that I return to for solace from the city. I have been returning to the Midlands to pursue personal projects for the last few years and look forward to the chance to further this with the What Is England project."