David Short was born in 1969 and grew up in a small village in South Yorkshire about 12 miles from Sheffield City centre.

His interest in photography only happened at the age of 20, while attending a general art and design course. Once the discovery had been made it became obvious that this was the path to follow. The next few years were spent studying photography in Sheffield and Newcastle where he began experimenting with different styles of photography.

On graduating David spent a year in various jobs trying to make a start at a photography business and working on a fine art project which was exhibited as part of a group show at Sheffield's Site Gallery and a solo exhibition at Manchester's Counter Image Gallery.

With the foundations in place David pursued the commercial side of photography showing his portfolio to various advertising and design agencies and picking up the odd commission along the way. As the work increased it meant that he could earn a living from photography and has continued to do so for the last 17 years shooting for many clients in his studio and on location, picking up many awards along the way. He is currently represented in London by Gill Turner for commissions specialising in people for advertising and design clients.

He lives in Sheffield with his wife Jayne and 2 daughters Eve and Mia.


"South Yorkshire (Sheffield) is where I live and I can't imagine living anywhere else. I was born here and have lived here most of my life and will probably live here for the rest. On writing the last sentence I have had to ask myself why? Why am I so attached? Even though I have asked, the answers are not forthcoming. Yet I do know I want to carry on living here. Having travelled to many parts of the world, some more spectacular, some more beautiful, some more cosmopolitan and forward thinking, I have no desire to live there and no desire raise my children anywhere else other than where I am right now. This can make me sound like a professional Yorkshire man wearing a flat cap (well occasionally) and walking a whippet on a piece of string, chuntering on about being Yorkshire born and bred...

This however is not the case, I live in the modern South Yorkshire not the one of the past so popular with its critics. I am aware of South Yorkshires imperfections, which in some ways are easier to identify than its perfections, but all the same I keep coming back and want to stay, for its people? Family? Its hills (it has lots)? Its trees (even more)? All of those and that something special I can't really put my finger on? I will settle for most of it being a mystery and in some ways hope it remains so, but who knows this project may shed some light on my home county."