Claire Louise Bazeley was born in 1988, Her interest for photography began when she was given her late grandfathers camera (Praktica MTL 50). it was Claires experimenting with this camera that began to ignite her passion in photography and the desire to experiment with different camera types and ways to develop ideas. Having gained a BTEC ND in photography she is now currently reading a Documentary Photography degree in her 2nd year at University of Wales, Newport. Claire has experimented with many different types of cameras / films ranging from compact 35mm to medium format SLR's. Claire currently uses a Canon 350d, Pentax 645 and a Bronica SQA.


"I have always enjoyed the picturesque views / architecture of the Worcestershire country side / villages. Whenever i travel through the county to visit Gloucestershire i always find myself admiring the scenary and it makes me feel relaxed. My aim in respect to this project would be to represent the Worcestershire county and further explore Worcestershire whilst developing my abilities and portray the counties beauty within the "2010 What is England?" project."