Caroline Hancox has loved photography for a very long time and she usually has at least one camera stuffed into her bag just in case she sees something amazing! Her favourite things to photograph are the little details and moments of everyday life in a new and (hopefully) interesting way to try to show people the beauty in things that are often overlooked and unnoticed.

She has just received a Distinction in a Professional Photography Degree, and lives with her lovely boyfriend John in little house which they are very slowly renovating in Royston which is near to Cambridge.


"When I think about Cambridgeshire I think mainly about Cambridge, its county city. Cambridge is a beautiful place, full of history and interesting places, but as it is where I work and spend a lot of my time I often forget this. To me the city, in some ways, has simply become the place where I work. Not the beautiful university town that people flock to see. I am hoping that this project will help me to see the city with fresh eyes and I am also looking forward to discovering lots of little hidden gems in the rest of the county because there is so much more to Cambridgeshire than just Cambridge, it is a huge county that I am hoping to discover more of."