Andrew Jackson is a photographer and lecturer based in Birmingham and is a graduate of the MA Documentary Photography programme at Newport, University of Wales, where he studied under Paul Seawright and Ian Walker.

Jackson's practice spans both commissioned and self-initiated projects. He is currently producing a commissioned series for London School of Economics Arts that explores the ways in which changing geographical space impacts upon the psychological spaces of economic migrants to Britain.

Intrinsic to his work is a desire to observe contemporary human existence and the inherent paradoxes found within the collisions, transactions and dislocations that reveal themselves within the built environment.

These observations utilise the 'realism' of documentary photography but another facet to Jackson's practice has also seen the introduction of text, video and sound recording to enable the construction of pluralistic narratives.


"I was born in the West Midlands in a town called Dudley, and indeed I still live and work within the region. Initially then, I was interested in exploring the concept of - What is England - via an observation of the region of my birth.

So when I was allocated the East Midlands, an area that I have no connection to whatsoever, I was perhaps a little concerned.

I'm not sure what the coming months will bring or what they will reveal about me, my photography or my perceptions of the East Midlands - and in turn England from this - but I look forward to the challenge and look forward too to finding out what the photographs reveal."