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Born in Oxford in 1968 Andrew Harrington, (Harry), has always been interested in the world outside. As a child he wanted to be either a biologist, forester or photographer and has managed to be all three.

Although the world's wildlife is under threat I like to think that it's not all doom and gloom if helped along or simply left alone many species can spring back. In the last 15 year Buzzards, Otters, Polecats, and red kites have all appeared on my doorstep after years of absence.

The natural world is everything he needs music, theatre high art and he's never happier than sat in a hedge photographing something interesting.

Harry's won a couple awards at the Wildlife photographer of the year 2004-2005.

Publications include BBC wildlife magazine BBC books and Terra Sauvage.


"I was born in Oxford and have lived within 25 miles of Oxford all my life. After a couple of years in Oxford I moved to Bicester where I learnt to ride a bike and became feral. When I was 11 I moved to a small village near Chipping Norton. I have lived in Banbury for the last 13 years and should be moving to Eynsham in the next couple of weeks. I'm much more familiar with the woods of North Oxfordshire than anywhere else. Although there are far too many people and cars for my taste I can still find little gems where you can spend all day and not see a soul. In the spring when the Bluebells come out it is world class. It's always a joy to come back from a big trip and see what a green place I come from."